Fusion Backline is a full service company dedicated to providing top quality backline gear for the discerning musician in a wide variety of circumstances.  We specialize in handling all your needs on fly dates so that you and your band can feel completely at home while performing in our area.  We can supply longer term rentals while you are on tour as well as providing specific gear when you are looking for that particular sound in the recording studio.

While we are always adding new and modern equipment to our collection, our true passion lies in collecting vintage gear in excellent condition.  As hard as they try in our digital world, you simply cannot completely duplicate the warm rich tone of an original ‘65 Fender Blackface Twin or a real Hammond B3.  Whether your preference is a British AC30 with Celestion blues or a full Marshall stack with a vintage JCM800 on top, we’ve got you covered.  Most of our drum kits are fully restored vintage sets and we can give your bass player anything from an SVT Classic to an Aguilar Tone Hammer.  Our high end LP percussion instruments have satisfied Pedrito Martinez and Tito Puente Jr.

We strive to maintain all of our gear to the highest standards.  You will not be given a piece of equipment that has been neglected or abused. Our amp tech is a guitarist himself and a self-admitted tone freak.  We have a Hammond and Leslie fanatic on our staff, so if you order a B3 and a 122, they will be in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition. Our drum kits and hardware are rigorously maintained and you will never have to play on worn out heads.

Whether your need is for backline at a large, multistage festival or just a single vintage amp, Fusion Backline will provide you with the best gear and a professional technician to make sure that everything goes perfectly.  We take the “Boy Scout” approach to our work and try to prepare in advance for any eventuality.  Feel free to contact us about your upcoming event.  You will be impressed with our passion for excellence.